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What is the CONCACAF Interactive 2014 (CI14)?

The region’s second interactive tournament developed in association with EA SPORTS™ FIFA14 and Sony PlayStation®. Individuals from all CONCACAF’s Member Associations will have the opportunity to represent their National Association and play for a chance to be crowned Champion of CONCACAF and win a trip for two (2) to the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 Grand Final in Brazil.

What is the FIWC?

The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) is the biggest virtual tournament in the world. Participants from every continent battle it out to be crowned the best EA SPORTS™ FIFA player. The winner receives USD 20,000 and a trip to the FIFA Ballon d’Or.

In FIWC 2013 more than two-and-a-half million players competed for a place in the Grand Final. The next edition promises even greater records. FIWC 14 kicks off on 1 October 2013.  The tournament is run together with the partners EA SPORTS™ and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

What do I need to take part in the CI14?:

All you need to take part in the world’s largest virtual football tournament is a Sony PlayStation®3, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14 and an internet connection.

How do I know if I am eligible to play?

All eligible players must have a legal tie (residency or citizenship) to the CONCACAF country they are representing. Appropriate paperwork (passport/birth certificate/drivers license) will be required upon qualification.

When does CI14 take place?

The CI14 Online Qualification kicks off on March 1, 2014, via FIWC14 Season 6.

What is the format for CI14?

You can qualify for the CI14 Hexagonal Final via FIWC14 Season 6. All the information on the format for CI14 can be found in the Format section.

How do I register for the CI14 online seasons?

Instructions on how to register can be found in the How to Play section.

Why is the 'FIFA Interactive World Cup' option not available in the game?

Registration for the FIWC14 is only possible during the course of the season. The exact online season dates are available in the Format section.

What is the maximum number of games which can be played in an online season?

Starting from online season 2, in a single online season, players are allowed to play a maximum of 900 games. The FIWC does not expect you to come close to this number of games in a single season. After 900 games, any additional points you score will not be counted towards qualification for that online season.

Is there a difference between the strengths of the teams in the FIWC mode?

No, all teams are equal. Every player has the power of 85, in order to offer each participant in the tournament the greatest possible fairness.

Can you choose your own nationality even if you’re living in another country?

When you register online, there will be an option for you to choose your country of origin.

Can more than one person play from one account?

No, an account can only be attached to one player. No account sharing is allowed. Players caught sharing accounts will be immediately removed from the current season.

Is it available on the Xbox?

The FIWC is only available via the Sony PlayStation®3.

Where can I find view my position in the CI14 rankings?

You can find out your current ranking on CONCACAFInteractive.com.

What is the prize for the winner?

As well as fame and prestige associated with being the CONCACAF champion, the winner of the CI14 can look forward to a trophy and an all-expenses paid trip for two (2) to the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2014 Grand Final in Brazil.

Where' and 'When' will the CI14 Hexagonal Final take place?

The CI14 Hexagonal Final will take place in May 2014. The exact format of the Hexagonal Final will be made public soon on CONCACAFInteractive.com.

Where can I get all the latest information?

All the latest CI14 information and news can be found here at CONCACAF.com. Follow the #CI14 on Twitter for all the latest news and information regarding the world’s largest gaming tournament.